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April 2014

Happy Songkran 2014

No other public holidays in Thailand that the people enjoy the feasts and activities to the full as much as the Songkran holiday.
Lasting 3 days, from April 13 until 15, and in some places as long as 5-7 days, this much waited for holiday celebrated nationwide is the traditional Thai New Year.
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March 2014

Upcoming Mahidol University Writing and English Language Workshop

The workshop is organized by Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University at Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok, and this is open to public.

  • June 23, 2014 Writing for Publication: Building your Career Path. By Assoc.Prof. Dr.Robert C. Kleinsasser from Arizona State University
  • June 24, 2014 Using Mobile Devices to Develop English Vocabulary Skills. By Dr. Michael Harrington from the University of Queensland

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What is TCI ? And, why we need to know about TCI journal list?

Researchers are informed to publish their papers in ISI database, in order to be accepted in terms of international scholarly quality. In Thailand, the TCI was established to represent a Thai citation database initiative, and institutionalized since 2001 from the effort of KMUTT faculty and staff, who received a support from TRF - Thailand Research Fund.

TCI stands for Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre
Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre

List of science and technology journals indexed in TCI
This list provides a number Thai journals qualified by TCI. Information on publishers and web access to the journals are available.
And, the Office of Higher Education requires that in the application process for faculty status, papers submitted for qualifying consideration must be those appeared in TCI database.

TCI is a reference database aimed:

  1. to provide searching tool for cited research articles published in Thailand and mostly by Thai institutions
  2. to analyze and report TCI impact factors or Journal Impact Factors of the journals incorporated in TCI database
  3. to encourage knowledge and awareness on journal impact factors, h-index and quality of research articles at international level
  4. to research and distribute research work conducted by Thai research community for wider recognition among the international research community
  5. to collaborate with national and international publishers for improvement of the quality of Thai journals.

TCI journal selection criteria:

  1. Journals must publish only peer reviewed articles
  2. Distribution and publication dates must be accurate and punctual according to frequency announced formally
  3. Must continually publish research articles for a minimum 3 years by the date incorporated by TCI
  4. Must carry citation indexed and searchable from TCI database
  5. Must have the editorial board that comprised members from various institutions
  6. Must publish articles from various authors and sources from internal and external institutions
  7. Must publish standard printing format, international bibliographic data, and uniform style of citation
  8. Must publish the electronic version of the journal on web, and provide on-line submission of articles on web.

February 2014

World Cancer Day 2014

  • WORLD CANCER DAY A truly global event taking place every year on 4 February, World Cancer Day unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer. It aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action.

  • WORLD CANCER DAY 2014 Building on the success of last year’s campaign, World Cancer Day 2014 will focus on Target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer, under the tagline “Debunk the myths”. There are still so many myths about the disease out there and this Day is the perfect opportunity for people to dispel them. Greater awareness and education about cancer can lead to positive change at an individual, community and policy level and across the continuum of cancer care. For World Cancer Day 2014 we will focus on four key myths and go about ‘debunking’ them through the various materials we are producing.

  • WHY WORLD CANCER DAY IS IMPORTANT Put simply, because the global cancer epidemic is huge and is set to rise. 1.5 million lives which would be lost to cancer, could be saved per year if decisive measures are taken to achieve the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ‘25 by 25’ target; to reduce premature deaths due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by 25% by2025. Currently, 7.6 million people die from cancer worldwide every year, out of which, 4 million people die prematurely (aged 30 to 69 years). So unless urgent action is taken to raise awareness about the disease and to develop practical strategies to address cancer, by 2025, this is projected to increase to an alarming 6 million premature cancer deaths per year. The estimate of 1.5 million lives lost per year to cancer that could be prevented must serve to galvanise our efforts in implementing the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ‘25 by 25’ target. There is now a need for a global commitment to help drive advancements in policy and encourage implementation of comprehensive National Cancer Control Plans. If we are to succeed in this, we have a collective responsibility to support low- and middle-income countries who are tackling a cancer epidemic with insufficient resources. World Cancer Day is the ideal opportunity to spread the word and raise the profile of cancer in people’s minds and in the world’s media.


The Veterans Day

  • On the occasion of Thai Veterans Day which falls on this Monday , the 3rd of February , The War Veterans Organization of Thailand under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King has an honor to arrange the ceremonies and activities as Religious Ceremony , Parade Ceremony , Exhibition and the Concert to commemorate the heroic deeds of the veterans who sacrificed their lives to defend our nation. The activities of Veterans Day commence from the 1st of February - the 3rd of February.

Red Poppy Flowers

The History of Thai Soldiers and Volunteers

The Royal Speech given to the veterans on the 23 rd January 1990 said that “War Veterans are most honourable persons. Because they have sacrificed their comfort, the wholeness of their bodies, even their flesh and blood and their very lives for their homeland and for their fellow citizens. Be proud and invite to keep your genuine dignity at all times.”
- The First World War ( W W I )
- The War of French Indo - China
- The War of Greater East Asia ( W W II )
Thai Veterans Day is recognized every year on 3 February which was set following the establishment of The War Veterans Organization of Thailand (WVO) on this day. The WVO was established by The War Veterans Act B.E. 2491 which was revised by the War Veterans Organization Act B.E. 2510 as a juristic entity operated by the Royal Thai Government, for charity purposes.
The organization aims to provide aid and assistance to the veterans and their families. The income of WVO comes from subsidy from the Ministry of Defense and the Government's allocated funds on certain occasions including donations. The organizational supports are in the way of general welfares, occupations, agricultural settlement, medical treatment, privilege and their prestige.
On the Veterans Day, every year, the WVO organizes activities to commemorate veterans' virtues and losses. Thai people also take part in such commemorative day through the purchasing of artificial red poppy flowers, the international symbol of veterans for their sacrifice to their motherlands, as the donations contributing to the WVO’s fund.

- (Ref. & Photo,,

January 2014

National Teachers’ Day 2014 Celebration - January 16

  • National Teachers’ Day 2014 Celebration

Each year on 16 January, Thailand celebrates National Teachers’ Day to underline the importance of teachers and to show gratitude to them. According to the Ministry of Education, the celebration of National Teachers’ Day 2014 focuses on the concept of honoring “Mother and Teacher of the Land.”

The celebration of National Teachers’ Day 2014 is the 58th of its kind. 16 January was chosen as Teachers’ Day to commemorate the enforcement of the Teachers Act on 16 January 1946, and it was celebrated for the first time in 1957. Various activities to mark this occasion include a ceremony to pay respect to senior teachers, as well as an award presentation to honor teachers, along with a discussion and an exhibition.

(More information

  • บทสวดเคารพคุณ ครูอาจารย์ (Song in Praise of Guru and Aacariya)

“ปาเจราจริยา โหนฺติ คุณุตฺตรานุสาสกา ปฺญญาวุฑฺฒิกเรเตเต ทินฺโนวาเท นมามิหํ”
“I bow my head in reverence of another great value, which is that of the guru and aacariya or the teachers who impart valuable lessons of right and wrong to their pupils with great kindness, who expound and impart their knowledge to the pupils, helping them comprehend the lessons by means of explanation and delineation. Always in the mind of a teacher is the constant and unshakable wish for the students’ happiness and freedom from harm. A teacher is one who strives to cultivate the minds of his or her students, to help them overcome the dark veil of ignorance and doubtfulness and illuminate their minds. The virtue of the teacher is revered as one of the most exalted virtues in the Three Realms (heaven, earth, and underworld). We should, therefore, bear in mind the great value of a teacher with respect and reverence at all time.”

  • Paraphrased from “Kunanukun Tri Pak (คุณานุคุณไตรภาค)“

Published for the occasion of Her Royal Highness Princess Petcharajrajsuda Sirisobhapanwadi 84th Birthday Anniversary in 2009,
by the Office of National Education Council. The publication is available from CGI Learning Center.

- Call no. BQ5631 ธ129ค 2552

- E-Book

150th Anniversary of the Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sri Bajarindra

“I may be am a woman, but my heart is the same as you, full of love for our country, our religion and our King.”

January 1, 2014


  • Her Majesty Queen Sri Bajarindra (Queen Sawabha Phongsri)

Her Majesty Queen Sri Bajarindra was born Her Royal Highness Princess Sawabha Phongsri on 1 January 1864, to His Majesty King Mongkut (Rama IV) and the Princess Consort Piyamavadi of the Aristocratic Sucharitkul family.

Thailand celebrates the 150th Anniversary of the Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sri Bajarindra (Queen Sawabha Phongsri) on 1 January 2014.

UNESCO has pronounced Her Majesty Queen Sri Bajarindra - the Queen of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn on the list of Anniversaries of historic events and of eminent personalities, celebrated by Member States and Associate Members with which UNESCO is associated in 2014-2015.

Queen Savang was listed in the UNESCO Calendar of Anniversaries of Great Personalities and Historic Events, 2012-2013, on her 150th anniversary in 2012.

Poignantly, her beloved sister, Her Majesty Queen Regent Sri Bajarindra has been listed in the UNESCO Calendar of Anniversaries of Great Personalities and Historic Events, 2014-2015, also on her 150th anniversary in 2014.

His Majesty the King has commanded a Royal Ceremony to be held at the Grand Palace on 24 January 2014, to mark this special gesture.

Her Majesty the Queen Regent was the first woman of Siam to oversee the betterment of the Siamese women, first making herself a teacher to the Court of King Chulalongkorn, teaching the ladies the proper ways and educating them about Siamese ceremonies and culture.

She also got to witness two World Wars, the many changes within her beloved Kingdom, many more heartaches under dictatorial rules and corruptions under the banner of democracy, of how the peaceful Siam of old has tuned into a contradicting country with power-hungry personage vying to run the show.

Her Majesty passed away on 20 October 1919, in the reign of her eldest son, King Vajiravudh or Rama VI, at the age of 55.