Symbolic Plant


Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn has graciously designated the “orange trumpet creeper or morning calm (Campsis grandiflora (Thunb.) Schum)” as the emblem tree of the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute. Being a very fast-growing climber, branching out, and known for its hardiness, it could very well be compared to science and technology - always progressing and branching out into new learning and disciplines. Also those in science and technology are quick to absorb new ideas and information and to make adjustments accordingly. The climber tree is thus very much a parallel of the development in education and scientific-technological research, eventually to emerge as a new, valuable, crystallized body of knowledge. Furthermore, due to the fact that this particular creeper produces its flowers in sprays, symbolically it is therefore comparable to unity, an essential virtue for the advancements of the nation.