Requested Documents

Application documents required:

1. Application form (application_form_2017.pdf)

2. Recent photographs ( 1.5” )

3. A copy of ID card or official identification card

4. A copy of official degree certificate and transcript

5. Two letters of recommendation (Form App02)

6. Application for CGI Financial Support (Form App03)

7. Statement of purpose and research proposal

8. Language test scores: TOEFL, IELTS or CU-TEP. The test date must be within the previous 2 years

9. A copy of name/surename change certificate

10. A medical certificate

Remark: Applicant is signature accompanied by “certified true copy” is required for all copies submitted.

Application Forms

Application forms for students, please complete this form if you wish to apply for the study program.


Consider what aspects of your background you will want each recommendation to comment on to support your application to a particular program or foundation.

Letter of Recommendation (App02)

A minimum of two letters of recommendation for Student Advisor

Financial Support (App03)

Application for CGI Financial Support only if applying for financial support from CGI


Acceptance Form