Chulabhorn Graduate Institute has built a number of facilities and established various services to meet the needs of the teachers, researchers and students, including accommodation, computer center, sport center, library, medical center, cafeteria, coffee shop and parking area.

Computer Service Center

CGI has received funding to set up a computer service center at the new CGI building. It will be a modern, high technology computer center that is sufficient to provide services: internet system, wireless, personal computer, database storage, e-mail account, and searching research journal through Uninet for teaching and research activities for both students and faculty members. In the meantime, CGI students are welcome to use the CRI Computer Service Center.


The CGI Computer Service Center located as follow:

  • The sixth floor of the Chemical Research Building(R614ab Room).
  • The fourth floor of the Chemical Research Building(R409 Room).
  • The sixth floor of the Service Building(R608 Room).

The CRI Computer Service Center located as follow:

  • The fourth floor of the Service Building(R407 Room).
  • The M floor of the Biomedical Science Building.

Computer service center also provides Email and Wireless Account and Internet that CGI students and faculty members can procede as follow:

  1. Downloading the form from CRI Intranet
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Take the form to the Computer Service Office.
  4. Receive the account.

For more information, please contact Tel. 2400