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- In the beginning, discovery was focused on being a faster approach to searching a library’s collection through a single search box, without regard to the quality of the search experience. Now, as discovery continues to evolve, librarians are realizing that just because more content can be found behind the discovery search box doesn't mean that users should be forced to accept a lower-quality experience than what they have come to expect from searching high-end academic research databases.
- EDS provides a fast, streamlined search through a single search box, but within the context of a greater experience that pulls together intuitive features and functionality, high-end indexing via Platform Blending, and instant access to critical full text, leveraged from the leading EBSCOhost research platform and databases, as well as from key information providers. And as EDS continues to evolve, the end goal remains the same—helping users to find and access the highest-quality content for the best-possible research experience.

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