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February 2019

CGI Publications TRF-Index Ranking 2018
CGI published 59 papers in 2018. The journals were rated by Impact Factor ranged from 11.613 to 0.9 ,
and 7 out of 59 articles appeared in journals with Impact Factor 5.0 plus. These are:

Journal of Pineal Research
Organic Letters
Free Radical Biology and Medicine
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Carbohydrate Polymers

This year CGI, among Thai universities, achieved the top TRF – Index which rates the high quality academic papers published in international journals by Thai universities.
TRF- Index judges from a composite index that averaged 3 indicators: ER5JP – Equivalent Rating 5 Journal Publication/ Faculty Member, Life-time Citation/Faculty Member and Life-time Citation/ Life-time Journal Publication. CGI publications ranking by TRF-Index are:

  • Chemistry (Chemical Biology) Number 1 score 5.0
  • Preclinical (Environmental Toxicology) Number 1 score 4.7
  • Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Genetics (Applied Biological Science) Number 3 score 4.3

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January 2019

CGI medium of instruction is English. To help students practice their English language proficiency, the library provides a special collection “English Corner”.
Books on language tutorials such TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, GRE etc are available with frequent updates as soon as new editions are released.

In addition to CGI Library English Corner, Today's Alert began the first for new year “Dynamic English”, introducing a clip with free access to English learning.

dynamic english introduced by KUKRIT INSTITUTE which was established in honor of the late Prime Minister M.R. Kukrit Pramoj.
You Learn English by yourself easily by practicing listening and speaking according to videos and exercises to test your understanding and can apply in real situation.
Ref: Matichon Newspaper,Monday December 17th 2018. Page 3.

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