CGI Theses

Theses by Chulabhorn Graduate Institute students.
This is a list of theses completed by CGI students are available at CGI Learning Center. The list of all theses with bibliographic information with abstracts can be searched from the library book catalog.

Applied Biological Sciences (ABS) Click to view list
The research program of the Applied Biological Sciences curriculum aims at the application of knowledge in biological sciences to different aspects of environmental health such as identifying biomarkers that indicate exposure to toxic substances or indicate the origin of diseases, identifying ways to reduce the environmental pollutants, and understanding the mechanism of diseases. The results of this research work will be applied to develop means to prevent diseases caused by substances in the environment.

Chemical Biology (CB) Click to view list
Chemical Biology Program has focused on drug discovery and development. The work has encompassed the search for bioactive natural products, development of efficient synthetic routes to prepare natural and unnatural analogs of the privileged structural frameworks, ligand-based and structure-based drug design, and establishment of pharmacological and toxicological profiles, as well as evaluation of the drug-likeness of the lead compounds for further drug development.

Environmental Toxicology (ET) Click to view list
Environmental toxicology is an area of growing interest and concern both to the scientific community and to the general public, since chemicals and pollutants together with other environmental factors are now recognized as major determinants of human health status. These chemicals, apart from their inherent toxicity, may modulate toxicity of other substances by interfering with various physiological systems.