December 2010

Drug-like properties : concepts, structure design and methods : from ADME to toxicity optimization

Edward Kerns, Lidi

Call no. RS420 K39D 2008

This book is a tool and resource for scientists engaged in, or preparing for, the selection and optimization process. The authors describe how properties affect in vivo pharmacological activity and impact in vitro assays. Individual drug-like properties are discussed from a practical point of view, such as solubility, permeability and metabolic stability, with regard to fundamental understanding, applications of property data in drug discovery and examples of structural modifications that have achieved improved property performance. The authors also review various methods for the screening (high throughput), diagnosis (medium throughput) and in-depth (low throughput) analysis of drug properties. (Publisher’s note)

(Recommended by Dr. Montakarn)

Greene’s protective groups in organic synthesis

Peter G. M. Wuts, Theodora W. Green

Call no. QD262 W973G 2007

The Fourth Edition of Greene’s Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis continues to be an indispensable reference for controlling the reactivity of the most common functional groups during a synthetic sequence. This new edition incorporates the significant developments in the field since publication of the third edition in 1998, including…

  • New protective groups such as the fluorous family and the uniquely removable 2-methoxybenzenesulfonyl group for the protection of amines
  • New techniques for the formation and cleavage of existing protective groups, with examples to illustrate each new technique
  • Expanded coverage of the unexpected side reactions that occur with protective groups
  • New chart covering the selective deprotection of silyl ethers
  • 3,100 new references from the professional literature

The content is organized around the functional group to be protected, and ranges from the simplest to the most complex and highly specialized protective groups. (Publisher’s note) (Publisher’s note)

(Recommended by 2nd year CGI students)