December 2011

College vocabulary 1 - 4

College vocabulary 1

Howard, Julie

Call no. PE1128 H849C 2006 v.1

College vocabulary 2

Gille, Chaudron

Call no. PE1128 G476C 2006 v.2

College vocabulary 3

Folse, Keith, Farina, Marcella

Call no. PE1128 F671C 2006 v.3

College vocabulary 4

Bunting, John D.

Call no. PE1128 B944C 2006 v.4

Description & Features

The Vocabulary strand is designed to support the Oral Communication, Reading, and Writing strands by helping students develop the ability to understand and use the vocabulary in those strands which come from the Academic Word List (AWL). These books can be used as stand alone texts in a vocabulary class or as supplements in reading, writing, or oral communication classes.

  • Contextualized vocabulary practice
  • Exercise variety to increase student interest and motivation
  • Review practice
  • Online teaching and study centers (Publisher’s note)

(Recommended by Mr.Maurice M. Broughton)

Bridge to college success : intensive academic preparation for advanced students

Robertson, Heather

Call no. PE1417 R649B 1991

Description & Features
Bridge to College Success provides an intensive preparation for the student who will soon be attending college classes or are already in college. This book challenges the advanced student to complete authentic college assignments and master college-level material. An integrated approach is used in which students practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Independent thinking is encouraged through questions for analysis following the lectures and readings. Focus is on the content and extensive practice in the language. Interesting and relevant information is presented to students in a form that challenges their language abilities.

  • Authentic full-chapter selections.
  • Introductory college subjects.
  • Integration of all four skills.
  • Vocabulary development.
  • Strategy-based.
  • Test-taking and study skills.
  • Questions for analysis encourage independent thinking.(Publisher’s note)

(Recommended by Mr.Maurice M. Broughton)

Discoveries in adademic writing

Leonhard, Barbara Harris

Call no. PE1128 L584D 2002

Description & Features

  • Writing assignments and exercises develop and reinforce critical thinking skills.
  • Student essays model the writing process approach of the text.
  • Students will find helpful study tips for time management and studying.
  • Rhetorical grammar practice helps refine student writing.
  • DISCOVERIES IN ACADEMIC WRITING prepares students for writing with sources and writing research papers.(Publisher’s note)

(Recommended by Mr.Maurice M. Broughton)