July 2011

Grammar connection 1 - 5 : structure through content

Grammar connection 1

Korey-O’Sullivan, Jill

Call no. PE1128 K85G 2007

Grammar connection 2

Firsten, Richard

Call no. PE1128 F527G 2007

Grammar connection 3

Carlisi, Karen E.

Call no. PE1128 C283G 2007

Grammar connection 4

Houck, Noel

Call no. PE1128 H835G 2009

Grammar connection 5

Cake, Cathleen D.

Call no. PE1128 C139G 2007

Description & Features

The Grammar Connection series offers a basal program in Academic, Adult, and International programs. The skills it develops are useful for students planning to enroll in college-level courses, adults planning to return to college, or high school students in preparation for college.

  • Discourse-based grammar presentation through readings and conversations offers natural language instruction and prepares learners for academic success.
  • Authentic contexts from academic disciplines provide essential background for grammar presentation and practice.
  • Concise lessons with clear grammar charts create an easy-to-follow learning framework.
  • High-frequency academic vocabulary is systematically developed in Content Vocabulary sections.
  • Multi-skills practice in reading, writing, listening, and speaking simulates the skills learners need in academic contexts.
  • Connection: Putting It Together synthesizes grammar, vocabulary, and content through communicative activities.
  • Self-Review and Learner Logs summarize language instruction and enhance learner independence. (Publisher’s note)

(Recommended by Mr.Maurice M. Broughton)