June 2012

A primer of drug action : a comprehensive guide to the actions, uses, and side effects of psychoactive drugs

Julien, Robert M

Call no. RM315 J94P 2011

Book Description

  • Edition after edition, Robert Julien’s A Primer of Drug Action keeps pace with one of the most dynamic fields of scientific inquiry, giving students immediate access to the most current research and promising new directions in psychopharmacology. Rigorously updated throughout, the new edition again takes its place as the definitive guide to the drugs that affect the mind and behavior. As always, it is clear, comprehensive, objective, and authoritative, spanning a wide variety of drug types, including sedatives, depressants, stimulants, analgesics, psychedelic drugs, steroids, and drugs used to treat psychological disorders.

Essentials of chemical biology : structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules

Miller, Andrew

Call no. QP514.2 M647E 2008

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive introduction to this dynamic area of chemistry, which will equip chemists for the task of understanding and studying the underlying principles behind the functioning of biological macro molecules, macromolecular lipid assemblies and cells.
  • Covers many basic concepts and ideas associated with the study of the interface between chemistry and biology.
  • Includes pedagogical features such as: key examples, glossary of equations, further reading and links to websites.
  • Clearly written and richly illustrated in full colour.

Stereochemistry workbook : 191 problems and solutions

Hellwich, K.-H.

Call no. QD481 H477S 2006

Book Description

  • This workbook in stereochemistry is designed for students, lecturers and scientists in chemistry, pharmacy, biology and medicine who deal with chiral chemical compounds and their properties. It serves as a supplement to textbooks and seminars and thus provides selected examples for students to practice the use of the conventions and terminology for the exact three-dimensional description of chemical compounds. It contains 191 problems with extended solutions.