November 2012

1) Solutions manual for modern organic synthesis an introduction

Nantz, Michael H.

Call no. QD262 N193S 2006

Book Description

  • This supplement includes the end-of-chapter problems from the main text, detailed solution sets, and an extra section of similar problems for grad students to study.

2) Problems in organic synthesis

alandoken, Hasan

Call no. QD262 P154P 2010

Book Description

  • Problems in Organic Synthesis provides over 100 new and challenging problems, designed to aid in the mastery of organic synthesis. While written to be a companion text to Modern Organic Synthesis, it can serve as a supplement to any organic synthesis course.

Problems in Organic Synthesis features chemistry from the current literature and addresses recent advances in the field. It provides full problems and detailed answers, along with corresponding literature references, to create a contemporary context for appreciating the art of organic synthesis.

3) Stereochemistry at a Glance

Eames, J.

Call no. QD481 E12S 2003

Book Description

  • Stereochemistry deals with the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in molecules. All chemical reactions take place three dimensions and the spatial arrangement of those atoms can have a profound effect on the outcome of a chemical reaction. A good understanding of stereochemistry is, therefore, fundamental to any detailed appreciation and study of organic chemistry.