October 2013

1.) Beyond the Silk Route: Travel of a Bhutanese Prince

Author : Afroze Bukht
Language : ENGLISH

Call no. DS491.4 A258B 2012

Book Description

  • Beyond the Silk Route – Travels of a Bhutanese Prince, may be one of Bhutan’s first travel books. Afroze Bukht, the author, has managed to provide the reader with a curious mixture of frivolous banality and historic events that are interwoven, or carefully constructed revealing the mandala of a life of His Royal Highness Prince Namgyal Wangchuck. The book transports the reader in quick succession, sometimes into the ancient days of Alexander the Great and Constantinople, and sometimes, into the medieval era of Genghis Khan and his Golden Hordes.

    The long and arduous journeys undertaken by His Royal Highness through different continents by rail and road over 30,000 kilometers with historical backdrops, anecdotes and encounters has been brilliantly captured by the author with erudition and humor. Perhaps the rumors that His Royal Highness dislikes air-travel so much that he never flew are true after all. And for this traveller, a great dislike for one thing surely boded well for something else, a rich collection of ever-changing sights, sounds, smells and even temperatures that only overland travel can render. What makes this book a great collectible is the narration that is spiced with His Royal Highness’ charm and grace which never fails to win the hearts and minds of all those who come in contact with him.

    Beyond the Silk Route is an account of one of His Royal Highness’ many travels abroad, where the affable Prince is seen as a keen and observant traveler, taking in the sights and absorbing the culture and traditions of the people with more than just a curious eye of a casual tourist. The book is enjoyable in that it takes the reader with the prince, every leg of the journey, through the various landscapes. And, with every change, one begins to see the world in a different light, never once leaving the delightful company of His Royal Highness Prince Namgyal Wangchuck. (theravenmag.com/beyond-the-silk-route)

2.) Synthetic Biology : Industrial and Environmental Applications

Editor : Markus Schmidt
Language : ENGLISH

Call no. TA164 S993 2012

Book Description

  • Synthetic Biology : Industrial and Environmental ApplicationsThis is the only book to focus on industrial and environmental applications of synthetic biology, covering 17 of the most promising uses in the areas of biofuel, bioremediation and biomaterials. The contributions are written by experts from academia, non-profit organizations and industry, outlining not only the scientific basics but also the economic, environmental and ethical impact of the new technologies. This makes it not only suitable as supplementary material for students but also the perfect companion for policy makers and funding agencies, if they are to make informed decisions about synthetic biology. Largely coordinated by Markus Schmidt, a policy adviser, and the only European to testify in front of the bioethics commission of the Obama administration. (amazon.com)

3.) Ecological Restoration and Environmental Change: Renewing Damaged Ecosystems

Author : Stuart K. Allison
Language : ENGLISH

Call no. QH541.15.R45 A439E 2012

Book Description

  • Ecological Restoration and Environmental Change: Renewing Damaged Ecosystems What is a natural habitat? Who can define what is natural when species and ecosystems constantly change over time, with or without human intervention? When a polluted river or degraded landscape is restored from its damaged state, what is the appropriate outcome? With climate change now threatening greater disruption to the stability of ecosystems, how should restoration ecologists respond?

    Ecological Restoration and Environmental Change addresses and challenges some of these issues which question the core values of the science and practice of restoration ecology. It analyzes the paradox arising from the desire to produce ecological restorations that fit within an historical ecological context, produce positive environmental benefits and also result in landscapes with social meaning. Traditionally restorationists often felt that by producing restorations that matched historic ecosystems they were following nature's plans and human agency played only a small part in restoration. But the author shows that in reality the process of restoration has always been defined by human choices. He examines the development of restoration practice, especially in North America, Europe and Australia, in order to describe different models of restoration with respect to balancing ecological benefit and cultural value. He develops ways to balance more actively these differing areas of concern while planning restorations.

    The book debates in detail how coming global climate change and the development of novel ecosystems will force us to ask new questions about what we mean by good ecological restoration. When the environment is constantly shifting, restoration to maintain biodiversity, local species, and ecosystem functions becomes even more challenging. It is likely that in the future ecological restoration will become a never-ending, continuously evolving process. (amazon.com)

4.) Principles of Medical Biochemistry

Author : Gerhard Meisenberg, William H. Simmons
Language : ENGLISH

Call no. QP514.2 M515P 2012

Book Description

  • “Principles of Medical Biochemistry” “Highly Commended,” Basic and Clinical Sciences Category, British Medical Association 2012 Medical Book Competition.
    • Access the fully searchable text online at www.studentconsult.com, along with downloadable illustrations, 150 USMLE-style test questions, 20 clinical case studies, chapter summaries, and integration links to related subjects.
    • Understand biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics together in context through an integrated approach.
    • Get only the information you need for your course with comprehensive yet focused coverage of relevant topics.
    • Review and reinforce your learning using the glossary of technical terms, highlighted in the text and with interactive features online.
    • Tap into the most up-to-date coverage of new developments in genome research, the molecular basis of genetic diseases, techniques of DNA sequencing and molecular diagnosis, RNA interference as a mechanism both for regulation of gene expression and for anti-viral defense, and more.
    • Gain a clear visual understanding through new and updated figures that provide current and relevant guidance.
    • Make the link between basic science and clinical medicine with new Clinical Example boxes in nearly every chapter.
    • Focus on the most essential biochemistry principles and how they apply to clinical medicine

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5.) Environmental Science : Systems and Solutions

Author : Michael L. McKinney, Robert Schoch, Logan Yonavjak
Language : ENGLISH

Call no. GE105 M39 2012

Book Description

  • “Environmental Science : Systems and Solutions” Updated with the latest data from the field, Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions, Fifth Edition explains the concepts and teaches the skills needed to understand multi-faceted, and often very complex environmental issues. The authors present the arguments, rebuttals, evidence, and counterevidence from many sides of the debate. The Fifth Edition includes new Science in Action boxes which feature cutting-edge case studies and essays, contributed by subject matter experts, that highlight recent and ongoing research within environmental science. With an “Earth as a system” approach the text continues to emphasize Earth's intricate web of interactions among the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, and how we are central components in these four spheres. This flexible, unbiased approach highlights: 1. how matter cycles over time through Earth's systems 2. the importance of the input-throughput-output processes that describe the global environment 3. how human activities and consumption modify Earth's systems 4. and the scientific, economic, and policy solutions to environmental problems. (amazon.com)

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