TCI Journals

TCI-Thai Journal Citation Index
Researchers are informed to publish their papers in ISI database, in order to be accepted in terms of international scholarly quality.
In Thailand, the TCI was established to represent a Thai citation database initiative, and institutionalized since 2001
from the effort of KMUTT faculty and staff, who received a support from TRF - Thailand Research Fund.
TCI stands for Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre
Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre

List of science and technology journals indexed in TCI
This list provides a number Thai journals qualified by TCI. Information on publishers and web access to the journals are available.
And, the Office of Higher Education requires that in the application process for faculty status, papers submitted for qualifying consideration must be those appeared in TCI database.

TCI is a reference database aimed:

  1. to provide searching tool for cited research articles published in Thailand and mostly by Thai institutions
  2. to analyze and report TCI impact factors or Journal Impact Factors of the journals incorporated in TCI database
  3. to encourage knowledge and awareness on journal impact factors, h-index and quality of research articles at international level
  4. to research and distribute research work conducted by Thai research community for wider recognition among the international research community
  5. to collaborate with national and international publishers for improvement of the quality of Thai journals.

TCI journal selection criteria:

  1. Journals must publish only peer reviewed articles
  2. Distribution and publication dates must be accurate and punctual according to frequency announced formally
  3. Must continually publish research articles for a minimum 3 years by the date incorporated by TCI
  4. Must carry citation indexed and searchable from TCI database
  5. Must have the editorial board that comprised members from various institutions
  6. Must publish articles from various authors and sources from internal and external institutions
  7. Must publish standard printing format, international bibliographic data, and uniform style of citation
  8. Must publish the electronic version of the journal on web, and provide on-line submission of articles on web.