CGI – ASEAN Foundation Scholarship: A Journey Towards A Brighter Future

Having share the same commitment to support the ASEAN Community building process through human resource development in Science and Technology. The Chulabhorn Graduate Institute (CGI) and the ASEAN Foundation (AF) has decided to collaborate to implement a scholarship Program entitled: Chulabhorn Graduate Institute and ASEAN Foundation Joint Post-graduate Scholarship Programme in Science and Technology. The Memorandum of Agreement between the two institutions was signed on 15 July, 2011. Since then a total of 11 scholars from ASEAN members’ countries have been awarded scholarship to pursue their Master Degree study at CGI. In relation to this, periodic review has been conducted to assess the progress and outcome of the process. Below is the excerpt from the ASEAN Foundation webpage pertaining to the views expressed by the scholarship awardees.

The scholarship, Mario Wibowo said, had definitely opened the door of opportunities. He was a recipient of the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute (CGI)-ASEAN Foundation Scholarship from Indonesia. Wibowo was grateful that the scholarship opened the door of opportunities. He shared that he received offers from two universities in Australia and New Zealand to pursue a fully-funded doctoral degree shortly after the completion of his studies at the CGI. He is now undertaking his Ph.D. programme at Griffith University, Australia.

Wibowo is amongst eight scholars who were awarded the CGI-ASEAN Foundation Scholarship Programme in Science and Technology. The programme aims to provide scholarships to eligible ASEAN nationals (except Thais) to study at the CGI under the science and technology fields.

Cici Darsih, also an Indonesian alumnus of the programme, testified, “I got many experiences and new knowledge during my study at the CGI. I learned to be independent and worked hard. My skills in the laboratory increased because I learned new techniques using new equipment. I learned how to find an idea in scientific research and how to solve the problems in the research. I have also turned into someone with more empathy towards others. The knowledge and skills I got will be very useful in my work later. It was indeed a rewarding life experience.”

Darsih’s term “rewarding” sums it all. The CGI-AF scholarship has transformed its scholars to become more skillful and knowledgeable young intellectuals with a broad range of international network.

Similar to Wibowo and Darsih from Indonesia, a scholar from Vietnam, Ha Thu Nguyen described her accomplishment as another AF-CGI scholarship awardee as one of her most remarkable milestones in her life.“I had a great opportunity to work with many top scientists coming from prestigious universities and institutes in Thailand, the United States of America, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada and caught up on latest research and breakthroughs in the world. What I was most impressed was the wonderful academic environment in CGI. The professors and young lecturers in CGI always encouraged me to keep moving forward and to stand up to challenges during my research,” Nguyen added.

For Nguyen, her two-year study in Bangkok had given her benefits beyond the academic. It has broadened her cultural perspectives about Thailand and other countries that she learned from her fellow students. “In addition to benefits from the excellent educational programme in CGI, I explored and assimilated a multitude of fascinating cultural features from friends from a diversity of countries and through voluntary trips to remote villages in Thailand,” said Nguyen who is currently working as a lecturer in environmental toxicology.

The CGI and the ASEAN Foundation have renewed its collaboration for another six years after partnering with each other on this progamme in 2011. The first collaboration period ended in 2016 resulting in seven scholars from Indonesia and Viet Nam who are now CGI-ASEAN Foundation scholarship alumnae.

The CGI and the ASEAN Foundation Scholarship programme is now inviting potential ASEAN university students (except from Thailand) to compete for eight scholarship slots to study at the CGI, tenable for two years. Access the complete information here:

Application period closes 30 November 2016, 11.59 p.m (GMT+7).

The CGI is a multidisciplinary post-graduate academic institute established in 2005 under the initiative of Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol with the aim to employ the most recent interactive teaching techniques used in leading educational and research institutions to train students in the programme to be effective thinkers and leaders in their fields of expertise, to better serve their countries’ needs towards sustainable development.”


December 2016
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