Mayuree Fuangthong, Ph.D.



Office: Biomedical Science Building, 8th floor, Zone A

Phone: (66)2 553 8558, (66)2 553 8555 ext. 8558, 8365

Research Interests:

My research has been focused on the study of how microorganism responds to stresses, which is a key factor in the infection process. Pathogenic microorganisms encounter various kinds of stresses during their lifetime. One example involves Reactive Oxygen Species, which comprise one of the most deleterious groups of substances to biological systems and are produced by host cells as a defense mechanism against infection by foreign organisms. Additionally, the environment inside host cells, as well as in many natural habitats, is usually limited for one or more essential nutrients. This subjects invading pathogens to nutrient stress. In spite of these barriers, pathogens are able to successfully enter host cells and cause disease. Another area of particular interest is to study the mechanism of drug resistance in human pathogenic bacteria. Knowledge, at a molecular level, of how these microorganisms sense and overcome these stresses will help unravel the complexities of the infection and disease processes in humans.