Suvit Loprasert, Ph.D.



Office: Biomedical Science Building, 8th floor, Zone D

Phone: (66)2 553 8555 ext. 8378

Research Interests:

  • Applications of enzymes in molecular biotechnology
  • Production of high value products by genetic engineered whole cell biotransformation
  • Aldehyde tag technology for immobilization of cells and enzymes
  • Biodegradation of the environmental pollutant compounds
  • Genetic-based biosensor for sensitive pesticide detection
  • Anticancer and antibiotic compounds from Actinobacteria

Selected Publications:

  1. Specific detection of the pesticide chlorpyrifos by a sensitive genetic-based whole cell biosensor.
    Whangsuk W, Thiengmag S, Dubbs J, Mongkolsuk S, Loprasert S
    Anal Biochem493p11-3(2016 Jan 15)
  2. Streptanoate, a new anticancer butanoate from Streptomyces sp. DC3.
    Noomnual S, Thasana N, Sungkeeree P, Mongkolsuk S, Loprasert S
    J Antibiot (Tokyo)69p124-7(2016 Feb)
  3. Cloning of Toluene 4-Monooxygenase Genes and Application of Two-Phase System to the Production of the Anticancer Agent, Indirubin.
    Wongsaroj L, Sallabhan R, Dubbs JM, Mongkolsuk S, Loprasert S
    Mol Biotechnolp(2015 Mar 18)
  4. The hdhA Gene Encodes a Haloacid Dehalogenase that is Regulated by the LysR-Type Regulator, HdhR, in Sinorhizobium meliloti.
    Sallabhan R, Kerdwong J, Dubbs JM, Somsongkul K, Whangsuk W, Piewtongon P, Mongkolsuk S, Loprasert S
    Mol Biotechnol54p148-57(2013 Jun)
  5. Gene cloning and characterization of a novel highly organic solvent tolerant lipase from Proteus sp. SW1 and its application for biodiesel production.
    Whangsuk W, Sungkeeree P, Thiengmag S, Kerdwong J, Sallabhan R, Mongkolsuk S, Loprasert S
    Mol Biotechnol53p55-62(2013 Jan)
  6. Bacillus subtilis SSE4 produces subtulene A, a new lipopeptide antibiotic possessing an unusual C15 unsaturated beta-amino acid.
    Thasana N, Prapagdee B, Rangkadilok N, Sallabhan R, Aye SL, Ruchirawat S, Loprasert S
    FEBS Lett584p3209-14(2010 Jul 16)
  7. ChpR is a chlorpyrifos-responsive transcription regulator in Sinorhizobium meliloti.
    Whangsuk W, Dubbs JM, Sallabhan R, Somsongkul K, Mongkolsuk S, Loprasert S
    J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol18p141-7(2010)
  8. HpdR is a transcriptional activator of Sinorhizobium meliloti hpdA, which encodes a herbicide-targeted 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase.
    Loprasert S, Whangsuk W, Dubbs JM, Sallabhan R, Somsongkul K, Mongkolsuk S
    J Bacteriol189p3660-4(2007 May)
  9. The unique glutathione reductase from Xanthomonas campestris: gene expression and enzyme characterization.
    Loprasert S, Whangsuk W, Sallabhan R, Mongkolsuk S
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun331p1324-30(2005 Jun 17)
  10. DpsA protects the human pathogen Burkholderia pseudomallei against organic hydroperoxide.
    Loprasert S, Whangsuk W, Sallabhan R, Mongkolsuk S
    Arch Microbiol182p96-101(2004 Sep)
  11. The Burkholderia pseudomallei oxyR gene: expression analysis and mutant characterization.
    Loprasert S, Sallabhan R, Whangsuk W, Mongkolsuk S
    Gene296p161-9(2002 Aug 21)

Two endocrine disrupting dibutyl phthalate degrading esterases and their compensatory gene expression in Sphingobium sp. SM42.
Whangsuk W, Sungkeeree P, Nakasiri M, Thiengmag S, Mongkolsuk S, Loprasert S.
Int. Biodeterior. Biodegradation 99 p45-54.

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