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 ===== Selected Publications ===== ===== Selected Publications =====
-  - Thipnate P, Chittchang MThasana NSaparpakorn P, **Ploypradith P**, Hannongbua S. Exploring the Molecular Basis for Selective Cytotoxicity of Lamellarins against Human Hormone-dependent T47D and Hormone-independent MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer CellsMonatsh. Chem. **2011**//142//: 97-109+  - Songthammawat, P.; WangngaeS.; MatsumotoK.; DuangkamolC.; RuchirawatS.; **PloypradithP.** Bioinspired diastereoconvergent synthesis of the tricyclic core of palodesangrens via Diels-Alder reaction, LiAlH4-mediated isomerization, and acid-mediated cyclization//J. Org. Chem.// **2018**//83//, in press
-  - Chittchang MGleeson MP, **Ploypradith P**, Ruchirawat S. Assessing the Drug-likeness of Lamellarinsa Marine-derived Natural Product Class with Diverse Oncological Activities. Eur. J. Med. Chem. **2010**//45//: 2165-2172+  - TangdenpaisalK.; ChuayboonsongK.; Ruchirawat, S.; **PloypradithP.** A Divergent Strategy for the Diastereoselective Synthesis of the Tricyclic 6,7-diaryl-tetrahydro-6//H//-benzo[//c//]chromene Core via Pt(IV)-catalyzed Cycloaddition of //ortho//-Quinone Methides and Olefin Ring-closing Metathesis//J. Org. Chem.// **2017**//82//, 2672-2688
-  - Tummatorn JRuchirawat S, **Ploypradith P**. A Convergent General Strategy for the Functionalized 2-Aryl Cycloalkyl-Fused Chromans: Intramolecular Hetero-Diels-Alder Reactions of //ortho//-Quinone MethidesChemEurJ. **2010**//16//: 1445-1448+  - Kitisripanya, T.; Inyai, C.; Krittanai, S.; LikhitwitayawuidK.; Sritularak, B.; **PloypradithP.**; Tanaka, H.; Morimoto, S.; Putalun, W. Monoclonal Antibody-based Immunoassay for Determination of Oxyresveratrol from //Artocarpus lacucha// Buch.-Ham//JNatMed.// **2017**//71//, 523-530
-  - Tangdenpaisal KSualek S, Ruchirawat S, **Ploypradith P**. Factors Affecting Orthogonality in the Deprotection of 2,4-Di-protected Aromatic Ethers Employing Solid-Supported AcidsTetrahedron **2009**//65//: 4316-4325+  - Tadtong, S.; ChatsumpunN.; SritularakB.; Jongbunprasert, V.; **PloypradithP.**; Likhitwitayawuid, KEffects of Oxyresveratrol and its Derivatives on Cultured P19-derived Neurons//Trop. J. Pharm. Res.// **2016**//15//, 2619-2628
-  - Batsomboon PPhakhodee W, Ruchirawat S, **Ploypradith P**. Generation of //o//-Quinone Methides by //p//-TsOH on Silica and Their Hetero-Diels-Alder Reactions with Styrenes. J. Org. Chem. **2009**//74//: 4009-4012+  - YasamutK.; JongcharoenkamolJ.; Ruchirawat, S.; **PloypradithP.** A Modified Cu(0)-Cu(I)-mediated Caryl-Caryl Ullmann Coupling for the Synthesis of Biaryls. //Tetrahedron// **2016**//72//, 5994-6000\\ (Invited article for the Special Issue: Organocopper to Medicinal Chemistry) 
-  - Chittchang MBatsomboon P, Ruchirawat S, **Ploypradith P**. Cytotoxicities and Structure-activity Relationships of Natural and Unnatural Lamellarins toward Cancer Cell LinesChemMedChem **2009**//4//: 457-465+  - ChatsumpunN.; ChuanasaT.; Sritularak, B.; Lipipun, V.; Jongbunprasert, V.; Ruchirawat, S.; **PloypradithP.**; Likhitwitayawuid, KOxyresveratrol: Structural Modification and Evaluation of Biological Activities//Molecules// **2016**//21//, 489
-  - Phakhodee W, **Ploypradith P**, Sahakitpichan PRuchirawat S. A New Synthetic Approach towards Isoquinobenzazepinone and Isoindolinobenzazepinone using Acid-Mediated Cyclisation and Heck ReactionTetrahedron **2009**//65//: 351-356+  - TeppawongA.; **PloypradithP.**; Chuawong, P.; RuchirawatS.; Chittchang, M. Facile and Divergent Synthesis of Lamellarins and Lactam-containing Derivatives with Improved Drug-likeness and Biological Activities//Chem. Asian J.// **2015**//10//, 2631-2650
-  - Baunbæk DTrinkler NFerandin YLozach O, **Ploypradith P**, Ruchirawat S, Ishibashi F, Iwao M, Meijer LAnticancer Alkaloids Lamellarins Inhibit Protein KinasesMarDrugs **2008**//6//: 514-527+  - TangdenpaisalK.; ChuayboonsongK.; SukjareanP.; KatesampaoV.; Noiphrom, N.; Ruchirawat, S.; **PloypradithP.** Synthesis of C4-C5 Cycloalkyl-fused and C6-modified Chromans via //ortho//-Quinone Methides//ChemAsian J.// **2015**//10//, 1050-1064
-  - Worayuthakarn R, Boonya-udtayan S, Arom-oon E, **Ploypradith P**, Ruchirawat S, Thasana NSynthesis of Unsymmetrical Benzil Licoagrodione. J. Org. Chem. **2008**//73//, 7432-7435+  - Tangdenpaisal, K.; WorayuthakarnR.; Karnkla, S.; **PloypradithP.**; IntachoteP.; Sengsai, S.; Saimanee, B.; RuchirawatS.; ChittchangMDesigning New Analogs for Streamlining the Structure of Cytotoxic Lamellarin Natural Products//Chem. Asian J.// **2015**//10//, 925-937
-  - **Ploypradith P**, Cheryklin P, Niyomtham NBertoni DR, Ruchirawat S. Solid-supported Acids as Mild and Versatile Reagents for the Deprotection of Aromatic Ethers. Org. Lett. **2007**//9//: 2637-2640+  - Tangdenpaisal, K.; Ruchirawat, S.; **PloypradithP.** Synthesis of the Thyroid Hormone Analog GC-1 via Bi(OTf)3-catalyzed Benzylation.  //Tetrahedron// **2014**, //70//, 6789-6795. 
-  - **Ploypradith P**, Petchmanee TSahakitpichan PLitvinas ND, Ruchirawat S. Total Synthesis of Natural and Unnatural Lamellarins with Saturated and Unsaturated D-RingsJ. Org. Chem. **2006**//71//: 9440-9448+  - Sarnpitak, P.; TrongchitK.; KostenkoY.; SathalalaiS.; Gleeson, M. P.; RuchirawatS.; **Ploypradith, P. **Synthesis of Substituted 2-Arylindanes from //E//-(2-Stilbenyl)methanols via Lewis acid-mediated Cyclization and Nucleophililc Transfer from Trialkylsilyl Reagents.  //J. Org. Chem.// **2013**//78//, 8281-8296
-  - Petchmanee T, **Ploypradith P**, Ruchirawat S. Solid-supported Acids for Debenzylation of Aryl Benzyl Ethers. J. Org. Chem. **2006**//71//: 2892-2895+  - Tangdenpaisal, K.; Phakhodee, W.; Ruchirawat, S.; **PloypradithP.** Facile Synthesis of Diarylmethanes via Quinone Methides.  //Tetrahedron// **2013**, //69//933-941. 
-  - Likhitwitayawuid KSornsute ASritularak B, **Ploypradith P**. Chemical Transformations of Oxyresveratrol (trans-2,4,3’,5’-Tetrahydroxystilbene) into a Potent Tyrosinase Inhibitor and a Strong Cytotoxic AgentBioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. **2006**; //16//: 5650-5653+  - DisadeeW.; **PloypradithP.**; Aree, T.; RuchirawatS. A Novel Approach for the Synthesis of Lophocladines A, B and C1 Analogues //Tetrahedron// //Lett.// **2011**//52//, 6142-6144
-  - **Ploypradith P**, Kagan RK, Ruchirawat S. Utility of Polymer-supported Reagents in the Total Synthesis of Lamellarins. J. Org. Chem. **2005**//70//: 5119-5125+  - RadomkitS.; Sarnpitak, P.; Tummatorn, J.; Batsomboon, P.; Ruchirawat, S.; **PloypradithP.** Pt(IV)and Au(III)-Catalyzed Generation of //o//-Quinone Methides and [4+2]-Cycloaddition Reactions//Tetrahedron// **2011**//67//, 3904-3914
-  - **Ploypradith P**Mahidol C, Sahakitpichan P, Wongbundit S, Ruchirawat S. A Highly Efficient Synthesis of Lamellarins K and L by the Michael Addition/Ring-Closure Reaction of Benzyldihydroisoquinoline Derivatives with Ethoxycarbonyl-beta-nitrostyrenes. Angew. Chem. IntEd. **2004**//43//: 866-868+  - ThipnateP.; ChittchangM.; ThasanaN.; Saparpakorn, P.; **PloypradithP.**; Hannongbua, SExploring the Molecular Basis for Selective Cytotoxicity of Lamellarins against Human Hormone-dependent T47D and Hormone-independent MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells//Monatsh. Chem.// **2011**, //142//, 97-109. 
-  - **Ploypradith P**, Jinagleung WPavaro C, Ruchirawat S. Further Development in the Synthesis of Lamellarin Alkaloids via Metal-halogen Exchange. Tetrahedron Lett. **2003**//44//: 1363-1366.+  - Pungkham, H.Swatdipakdi, N.; Theerasilp, M.; Chittchang, M.; Karnkla, S.; Ploypradith, P.; Nasongkla, N. PEG-b-PCL and PEG-b-PLA Polymeric Micelles as Nanocarriers for Lamellarin N Delivery. //IEEE// **2011**, 3245-3248
 +  - Chittchang, C.; Gleeson, M. P.; **PloypradithP.**; Ruchirawat, S. Assessing the Drug-likeness of Lamellarins, a Marine Derived Natural Product Class with Diverse Oncological Activities.  //Eur. J. Med. Chem.// **2010**//45//, 2165-2172
 +  - Tummatorn, J.; Ruchirawat, S.; **Ploypradith, P.** Convergent General Strategy for the Functionalized 2-Aryl Cycloalkyl-fused Chromans: Intramolecular Hetero Diels—Alder (HDA) Reactions of //ortho//-Quinone Methides (//o//-QMs) //Chem. EurJ.// **2010**//16//, 1445-1448
 +  - Batsomboon, P.; Phakhodee, W.; Ruchirawat, S.; **PloypradithP.** Generation of //ortho//-Quinone Methides by //p//-TsOH on Silica and Their Hetero-Diels—Alder Reactions with Styrenes.  //J. Org. Chem.// **2009**, //74//4009-4012. 
 +  - ChittchangM.; Batsomboon, P.; RuchirawatS.; **Ploypradith, P.** Cytotoxicities and Structure-Activity Relationships of Natural and Unnatural Lamellarins towards Cancer Cell Lines //ChemMedChem// **2009**//4//, 457-465.
 ===== Students Supervised ===== ===== Students Supervised =====