Prasat Kittakoop, Ph.D.

Affiliation: Laboratory of Natural Products (R503 & R304B; Ext. 1514-5 & 1316)
Office: R513 (Ext. 1519)


1989B.Sc. (Chemistry), HonorsChiang Mai University, Thailand
1992Ph.D. (Biochemistry)University of Wales, UK

Research Interests

Dr. Prasat Kittakoop has focused on the isolation and characterization of bioactive natural products from plants, fungi, and marine invertebrates. Currently, he is interested in the application of nanoparticles in biological systems. In addition, asymmetric synthesis via Aldol or nitro condensation by enzymatic catalysis or by homogeneous catalysts is also of his interest.


Students Supervised

Thesis Advisees:

2007_thetoo.jpg Mr. Kyaw Thet Oo, M.Sc. student (June 2007-July 2009)

2007_nattha.jpg Ms. Nattha Ingavat, M.Sc. student (June 2007-September 2009)

2007_acharavadee.jpg Ms. Acharavadee Pansanit, Ph.D. student (June 2007-present)

2008_kamolchanok.jpg Ms. Kamolchanok Tianpanich, M.Sc. student (June 2008-August 2010)

2008_thinley.jpg Mr. Thinley Gyeltshen, M.Sc. student (June 2008-April 2010)

2009_santi.jpg Mr. Santi Prasad Bajgai, M.Sc. student (June 2009-present)

2010_chatchai.jpg Mr. Chatchai Kesornpun, M.Sc. student (June 2010-present)

2010_chiobouaphong.jpg Ms. Chiobouaphong Phakeovilay, M.Sc. student (June 2010-present)

2010_dayani.jpg Ms. Sarath Parakumge Dayani Senadeera, M.Sc. student (June 2010-present)