Associate Professor Supanna Techasakul, Ph.D.


Affiliation: Laboratory of Organic Synthesis (R303A-B; Ext. 1310, 1315)
Office: R312 (Ext. 1306)


1979B.Sc. (Chemistry)Kasetsart University, Thailand
1986Ph.D. (Chemistry)The University of Montana, USA
1990-1991Postdoctoral TrainingUniversity of Florida, USA

Research Interests

Combine organic synthesis with bioorganic chemistry to examine, understand, and solve problems of biological and medicinal significance, including synthetic methodology development and natural product synthesis.

Selected Publications

  1. Duangthongyou T, Makarasen A, Techasakul S, Chimnoi N, Siripaisarnpipat S. (-)-Crebanine. Acta Cryst. 2011; E67: o402.
  2. Achiwawanich S, Khunnawutmanotham N, Techasakul S, Chaichit N, Siripaisarnpipat S. 1-(2-Bromobenzoyl)-6,7-(methylenedioxy)isoquinoline. Acta Cryst. 2011; E67: o112.
  3. Silprasit K, Thammaporn R, Tecchasakul S, Hannongbua S, Choowongkomon K. Simple and Rapid Determination of the Enzyme Kinetics of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase and Anti-HIV-1 Agents by a Fluorescence Based Method. J. Virol. Methods 2010; 171: 381–387.
  4. Khunnawutmanotham N, Chimnoi N, Thitithanyanont A, Saparpakorn P, Choowongkomon K, Pungpo P, Hannongbua S, Techasakul S. Dipyridodiazepinone Derivatives; Synthesis and Anti HIV-1 activity. Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2009; 5: 36.
  5. Chimnoi N, Sarasuk C, Khunnawutmanotham N, Intachote P, Seangsai S, Saimanee B, Pisutcharoenpong S, Mahidol C, Techasakul S. Phytochemical Reinvestigation of Labdane-type Diterpenes and Their Cytotoxicity from the Rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium. Phytochem. Lett. 2009; 2: 184–187.
  6. Chuysinuan P, Chimnoi N, Techasakul S, Supaphol P. Gallic Acid-loaded Electrospun Poly(L-lactic acid) Fiber Mats and the Release Characteristic of Gallic Acid. Macromol. Chem. Phys. 2009; 210: 814-822.
  7. Krongsinsuk P, Techasakul S, Chutanop J, Srinophakun P. Pathway Analysis of Transesterification of Refined Palm Oil Using NMR, MS and HPLC. J. Eng. Technol. Res. 2009; 6: 209-218.
  8. Chimnoi N, Pisutjareonpong S, Ngiwsara L, Dechtrirut D, Chokchaichamnankit D, Khunnawutmanotham N, Mahidol C, Techasakul S. Labdane Diterpenes from the Rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium. Nat. Prod. Res. 2008; 22: 1249-1256.
  9. Siripaisarnpipat S, Kongjinda V, Techasakul S. Crystal Structure of New Prenylated Chalcone from Derris malaccensis. Anal. Sciences 2007; 23: 33-34.
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  11. Vailikhit V, Bunsawansong P, Techasakul S, Hannongbua S. Conformational Analysis of Nevirapine in Solutions Based on NMR Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemical Calculations. JTCC 2006; 4: 913-924.
  12. Mahidol C, Chimnoi N, Chokchaichamnankit D, Techasakul S. Identification of Volatile Constituents in Artabotrys hexapetalus Flowers Using Simple Headspace Solvent-trapping Technique in Combination with Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and Retention Indices. Acta Hortic. 2005; 43-50.
  13. Svasti J, Srisomsap C, Subhasitanont P, Keeratichamroen S, Chokchaichamnankit D, Ngiwsara L, Chimnoi N, Pisutjaroenpong S, Techasakul S, Chen S. Proteomic Profiling of Cholangiocarcinoma Cell Line Treated with Pomiferin from Derris malaccensis. Proteomics 2005; 5: 4504-4509.