Vilailak Prachyawarakorn, Ph.D.


Affiliation: Laboratory of Natural Products (R503; Ext. 1514-5)
Office: R512 (Ext. 1518)


1994B.Sc. (Chemistry)Prince of Songkhla University, Thailand
1998M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)Mahidol University, Thailand
2005Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry)Mahidol University, Thailand

Research Interests

Natural products chemistry focusing on the investigation and structure elucidation of the bioactive compounds from Thai medicinal plants and marine sources

Selected Publications

  1. Parks J, Gyeltshen T, Prachyawarakorn V, Mahidol C, Ruchirawat S, Kittakoop P. Glutarimide Alkaloids and a Terpenoid Benzoquinone from Cordia globifera. J. Nat. Prod. 2010; 73: 992-994.
  2. Prachyawarakorn V, Mahidol C, Sureram S, Sangpetsiripan S, Wiyakrutta S, Ruchirawat S, Kittakoop P. Diketopiperazines and Phthalides from a Marine Derived Fungus of the Order Pleosporales. Planta Med. 2008; 74: 69-72.
  3. Prachyawarakorn V, Mahidol C, Ruchirawat S. Pyranocoumarins from the Twigs of Mammea siamensis. Phytochemistry 2006; 67: 924-928.
  4. Prachyawarakorn V, Mahidol C, Ruchirawat S. Siamenols A-D, Four New Coumarins from Mammea siamensis. Chem. Pharm. Bull. 2006; 54: 884-886.
  5. Thasana N, Prachyawarakorn V, Tontoolarug S, Ruchirawat S. Synthesis of Aryl Alpha-keto Ester via the Rearrangement of Aryl Cyanohydrin Carbonate Esters. Tetrahedron Lett. 2003; 44: 1019-1021.
  6. Mahidol C, Prawat H, Prachyawarakorn V, Ruchirawat S. Investigation of Some Bioactive Thai Medicinal Plants. Phytochemistry Reviews 2002; 1: 287-297.
  7. Prachyawarakorn V, Mahidol C, Ruchirawat S. NMR Study of Seven Coumarins from Mammea siamensis. Pharm. Biol. 2000; 38: 58-62.

Students Supervised


2008_thinley.jpg Mr. Thinley Gyeltshen, M.Sc. student (June 2008-April 2010)