Poonsakdi Ploypradith, Ph.D.


Affiliation: Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry (R403B; Ext. 1413-4)
Office: R413 (Ext. 1411)
E-mail: poonsakdi@cri.or.th


1994B.A. (Chemistry), Honors The Johns Hopkins University, USA
1996M.A. (Organic Chemistry)The Johns Hopkins University, USA
1999Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry)The Johns Hopkins University, USA
1999-2000Postdoctoral TrainingThe Johns Hopkins University, USA

Research Interests

  • Development of synthetic methodologies and their applications in total syntheses of natural products
  • Structure-activity relationships of some synthetic marine natural products including their unnatural synthetic analogues
  • Use of polymer-supported reagents as environmentally friendly alternatives in organic synthesis including protecting group manipulation and ortho-quinone methide chemistry


Students Supervised

Thesis Advisees:

2007_paratchata.jpg Mr. Paratchata Batsomboon, M.Sc. student (June 2007-August 2009)

2008_suttipol.jpg Mr. Suttipol Radomkit, M.Sc. student (June 2008-July 2010)

2008_pakornwit.jpg Mr. Pakornwit Sarnpitak, M.Sc. student (June 2008-August 2010)

2009_patchaya.jpg Ms. Patchaya Sukjarean, M.Sc. student (June 2009-present)

2009_varisa.jpg Ms. Varisa Katesampao, M.Sc. student (June 2009-present)


2010_huy.jpg Mr. Le Van Huy, M.Sc. student (June 2010-present)

2010_kamil.jpg Ms. Kamil Prajapati, M.Sc. student (June 2010-present)