Jantamas Tuntawiroon Kanitwithayanun, Ph.D.

Email: jantamas@cri.or.th

Office: Biomedical Science Building, 4th floor, Zone D

Phone: (66)2 5740622 ext. 3418, 3207

Selected Publications:

  1. An engineered cell line lacking OGG1 and MUTYH glycosylases implicates the accumulation of genomic 8-oxoguanine as the basis for paraquat mutagenicity.
    Tajai P, Fedeles BI, Suriyo T, Navasumrit P, Kanitwithayanun J, Essigmann JM, Satayavivad J
    Free Radic Biol Med116p64-72(2018 Feb 20)
  2. Oxidative DNA damage and inflammatory responses in cultured human cells and in humans exposed to traffic-related particles.
    Vattanasit U, Navasumrit P, Khadka MB, Kanitwithayanun J, Promvijit J, Autrup H, Ruchirawat M
    Int J Hyg Environ Healthp(2013 Mar 15)
  3. Increased health risk in Bangkok children exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from traffic-related sources.
    Tuntawiroon J, Mahidol C, Navasumrit P, Autrup H, Ruchirawat M
    Carcinogenesis28p816-22(2007 Apr)
  4. Assessment of potential cancer risk in children exposed to urban air pollution in Bangkok, Thailand.
    Ruchirawat M, Settachan D, Navasumrit P, Tuntawiroon J, Autrup H
    Toxicol Lett168p200-9(2007 Feb 5)
  5. Measurement of genotoxic air pollutant exposures in street vendors and school children in and near Bangkok.
    Ruchirawat M, Navasumrit P, Settachan D, Tuntaviroon J, Buthbumrung N, Sharma S
    Toxicol Appl Pharmacol206p207-14(2005 Aug 7)
  6. The pharmacodynamic study of a potent new antimalarial (MC1).
    Satayavivad J, Watcharasit P, Khamkong P, Tuntawiroon J, Pavaro C, Ruchirawat S
    Acta Trop89p343-9(2004 Feb)
  7. Exposure to genotoxins present in ambient air in Bangkok, Thailand--particle associated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and biomarkers.
    Ruchirawa M, Mahidol C, Tangjarukij C, Pui-ock S, Jensen O, Kampeerawipakorn O, Tuntaviroon J, Aramphongphan A, Autrup H
    Sci Total Environ287p121-32(2002 Mar 15)