Kraiwuth Kallawicha, Ph.D.


Office: CGI Building 6F : Room 1 6 06

Laboratory: CGI Building 11F: Room 1 11 04

Phone: +66(0)2-554-1900 ext. 2639

Research Interest

  • Bioaerosols
  • Indoor Air Quality and Health
  • Environmental and occupational health
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Environmental microbiology
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) and Health Study

Selected Publications:

  1. Exposure to ambient bioaerosols is associated with allergic skin diseases in Greater Taipei residents.
    Kallawicha K, Chuang YC, Lung SC, Han BC, Ting YF, Chao HJ
    Environ Pollut216p845-50(2016 Sep)
  2. The spatiotemporal distributions and determinants of ambient fungal spores in the Greater Taipei area.
    Kallawicha K, Tsai YJ, Chuang YC, Lung SC, Wu CD, Chen TH, Chen PC, Chompuchan C, Chao HJ
    Environ Pollut204p173-80(2015 Sep)

  3. Tarigan YG, Chen R-Y, Lin H-C, Jung C-Y, Kallawicha K, Chang T-P et al. 2017. Fungal bioaerosol exposure and health effects of the workers in mushroom and vegetable farms in Taiwan. Aerosol and Air Quality Research,17(8): 2064-2075.

  4. Kallawicha K, Chen Y-C, Chao H.J, Shen W-C, Chen B-Y, Chuang Y-C, Guo YL. 2017. Ambient Fungal Spore Concentration in a Subtropical Metropolis: Temporal Distributions and Meteorological Determinants, Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 17(8): 2051-2063.

  5. Kallawicha K, Lung S-CC, Chuang Y-C, Wu C-D, Chen T-H, Tsai Y-J, et al. 2015. Spatiotemporal Distributions and Land-Use Regression Models of Ambient Bacteria and Endotoxins in the Greater Taipei Area. Aerosol and Air Quality Research 15 (4): 1448–1459.