Course Planning

Code Course Title Credit Duration Frequency ABS -Core/Elective ET -Core/Elective CB - Core/Elective
Preparatory Course (Apr-Jun)
03010101(CGET501) Integrated Life Science 3 Apr- JunEvery Year Prep course Prep course Prep course
English CGI Pre- Sessional English course 0 Apr Every Year Prep course Prep course Prep course
02010101 (CB1) Essential Chemistry for Life Sciences 0 Apr-JunEvery Year Prep course Prep course Prep course
02010102 (CB2) Preparatory Organic Chemistry 0 May-JunEvery Year - - Prep course
03020102(CGET504)Environmental Toxicology (for second year) 2 Apr-MayEvery Year Elective Elective -
First Semester(Jun-Oct)
01020101(CGAB501)Principles of Applied Biosciences:Systems Biology 3 Jun- AugEvery Year core core core
01020102(CGAB502)Experimental Strategies for Biological Problems 3 Jun- AugEvery Year core Elective core
01020103(CGAB504)Pathobiology and Analysis of Disease at the Organism Level 2 Jun- AugEvery Year core Elective Elective
02020101(CGCB501)Advanced Organic Chemistry 3 Aug-OctEvery Year - - core
02020102(CGCB502)Spectroscopic Methods for Organic Compounds and Biomolecules 3 Aug-OctEvery Year - - core
Second Semester(Nov-Mar)
01030102(CGAB604)Biostatistics 2 Oct-NovEvery Year Elective Elective -
03020101(CGET503)Principles of Toxicology 3 Jan-MarEvery Year Elective Elective -
03030102(CGET606)Seminar in Environmental Biotechnology 2 Apr-MayEvery Year Elective core -
01030103(CGAB608)Detection of Environmental Pollutants and Monitoring of Health Effects 3 March Every 2 years Elective core (PhD.Only) -
01030101(CGAB602)Health, Development and Environment 2 May -Junwill inform later Elective Elective -
02030102(CGCB602)Medicinal Chemistry 3 De-FebEvery Year - - Elective
02030103(CGCB605)Natural Products Chemistry 3 Nov-FebEvery Year - - Elective
02030203(CGCB606)Topics of Current Interest in Chemical Biology 1 2 Jan-MarEvery Year - - Elective
02030204(CGCB606)Topics of Current Interest in Chemical Biology 2 1 Jan-MarEvery Year - - Elective