Constitution Day


In Thailand, the 10th of December is a national public holiday, as it is our Constitution Day. Every year on this occasion the government, political parties, and social institutions like communities, educational institutions, and the mass media hold public events and activities to support the principles of democracy. Wreaths are laid at the statue of King Rama VII. The Thai national flag is flown on public and government office buildings. A very important center for public activities is no other place than the Democracy Monument right in the middle of Rajadamnoen Avenue in Bangkok.

The Constitution is the supreme law in Thailand. It has been used in the governing of the country’s administration since 1932, the year when there was a transition from the traditional rule of absolute monarchy to the constitutional monarchy. Following a peaceful coup staged by the People’s Party, a group of civil servants and army officers, on June 24, 1932, the ruling King Rama VII agreed to hand over his powers to the common people. So for the first time in the Thai history the people could take part in governing their own country – through the parliamentary system.

The Constitution marked the biggest change in Thailand’s political system. The sovereignty belonged to the people. The King, with no political responsibilities, remained Head of State, sacred and inviolable. He exercised his power through the Cabinet, the House of Representatives and the Court.

On December 10, 1932, King Rama VII presented the first permanent Constitution. Since then December 10th has been designated to commemorate this important date and to honor the Constitution of the country.