CRI Reference Books @ CGI

CRI Reference Collection comprised Thai and English books and at present they are shelved on the CGI Learning Center R1 Floor. And, all books are searchable from CGI book catalog.


You may notice a change that CRI reference collection has been removed from the library. The books are now shelved at CGI Learning Center on R1 Floor, and some of them are displayed on M Floor for convenient search. Shown below are some titles which were frequently used.

Book list:

These reference books are frequently used and recommended by CRI faculty to display on M Floor.

1. A practical guide to clinical bacteriology
2. A practical guide to protein and peptide purification for microsequencing
3. A supplement to the hemoglobin and thalassemia syllabi
4. A syllabus of human hemoglobin variants
5. A syllabus of thalassemia mutations
6. Animal cell culture
7. Atlas of HIV infection
8. Biosafety guidelines in genetic engineering and biotechnology : for laboratory work
9. Biosafety guidelines in genetic engineering and biotechnology : for field work and planned release
10. Cell biology protocols
11. DNA microarrays : a molecular cloning manual
12. Genetic analysis of pathogenic bacteria : a laboratory manual
13. Glycobiology : a practical approach
14. Handbook of capillary electrophoresis
15. Handbook of combinatorial chemistry : drugs, catalysts, materials vol.1-2
16. Handbook of derivatization reactions for HPLC
17. Molecular biology and biotechnology : a comprehensive desk reference
18. Principles of biochemistry : student study art notebook
19. Proteins and proteomics : a laboratory manual
20. Safety assessment for pharmaceuticals
21. The American illustrated medical dictionary
22. The biotechnology theory and techniques volume II Genetic engineering mutagenesis separation technology
23. The cancer handbook ; vol.1-2
24. The concise encyclopedia of foods and nutrition
25. The encyclopedia of molecular biology
26. The United States Pharmacopeia : the national formulary
27. Weir’s handbook of experimental immunology ; vol.1-4
28. Dictionary of organic compounds ; vol.1-9
29. Plant molecular biology manual ; vol.1-2
30. The Merck index
31. British pharmacopoeia 1993 ; vol.1-2
32. British pharmacopoeia 1993 : Addendum 1995
33. Cryopreservation and freeze-drying protocols
34. Dorland’s illustrated medical dictionary
35. Manual of environmental microbiology
36. Medically important fungi : a guide to identification
37. PCR Primer : a laboratory manual
38. Protein phosphorylation : a practical approach
39. Protein-protein interactions : a molecular cloning manual
40. Textbook of biochemistry : with clinical correlations
41. The dictionary of gene technology : genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics
42. The gale encyclopedia of cancer : a guide to cancer and its treatments ; vol.1-2
43. Transcription factors : a practical approach