Prospective Students

If you are inspired to make some differences in the world in the areas of challenging research projects in biomedical, biological, medical, environmental, and chemical fields, you may be destined to search no further. Consider Chulabhorn Graduate Institute (CGI) as the place to realize your potentials, reach your ultimate goals, as well as challenge yourself to leap for the new heights in understanding the intertwining and multidisciplinary nature of the current cutting-edge research and technology. Equipped with the advanced and modern facilities for education and research, CGI also features a highly engaging learning environment where students are strongly encouraged to actively participate to learn using the problem-based strategy. Some of the ongoing collaborative research projects with other world-renowned institutions in Europe and America provide some unique opportunities for the highly qualified students to interact with the world authorities.

Come and experience the “differences” to see how your life will be changed when you choose to further your career and advance your knowledge with us at CGI where we train to “Producing Leaders in Science and Technology”.