Pre Arrival Details for International Students

New international students are expected to arrive on campus in early June to attend Refresher Courses and a few tutorial courses are offered to strengthen their basic knowledge before the regular courses begin in August.
Below are the important points which international students should strictly observe and follow;
Before depart for Thailand, international scholarship awardees are strongly recommended to observe the following important points;


                Once international applicant has been accepted by CGI, a letter of scholarship award will be issued along with Instruction for Scholarship Award and Letter of Acceptance. After the awardee has signed the Letter of Acceptance and forwarded the copy to Chaulabhorn Graduate Institute, the awardee must apply for a valid passport which the validity date is long enough to cover the entire duration of the study program.
                International awardees are also required to contact the Consulate Section of the Royal Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate office to apply for a Non-immigrant Education Visa (category ED) before departs for Thailand.

Required documents for visa are;

    Visa application form
    Valid Passport
    Two recent 4 cms X 6 cms full face photo within the post six months

                After visa was granted, the awardees must send a photo copy of passport and visa to Chulabhorn Graduate Institute for travel arrangement.
                Each awardee will be given 20 kilometers of check baggage. Any excess baggage charges are the awardee’s responsibility.


                At the airport baggage claim area, a staff from Chulabhorn Graduate Institute will meet the awardee and accompany them to CGI van to take them to CGI’s residence.
                Awardees are urged not to take airport limousine nor normal taxi as the fare cannot be reimbursed from CGI.


                 Awardees are advised to bring some pocket money in US dollars for incidental expenses such as:

    Airport taxes, departure taxes, transit airport taxes, etc.
    Excess baggage charges
    Expenses incurred by a stop-over in a third country

                 All live animals and animal products entering the Kingdom of Thailand must be accompanied by valid certificates issued by the exporting country’s government.


                 Awardees who carry any plant or soil including fresh fruits, vegetables, nursery stock or cut flowers, etc., must describe the items and declare them upon arrival.


                 An oral or written declaration for baggage must be made to customs officers upon entry. If the awardees have no goods subject to declare, follow the Green Channel (nothing to declare.) If the awardees have something to declare, follow the Red Channel (things to declare.) The awardees’ baggage may be examined by the Customs whether they take the Red or Green Channel.


  1. Books, publications, drawings and painting, films, phonographic materials, video work and other items of similar nature that may either disturb constitutional order or harm public security or customs.
  2. Goods which will reveal confidential information of the government or which are used for intelligence activities.
  3. Counterfeited, forged or imitated Coin, Currency, Bank notes, debenture and/ or other negotiable instruments.
Restricted Articles
  1. Animal, plant materials or their derivatives
  2. Firearms, weapons and ammunition
  3. Protected wildlife
  4. Drugs (narcotics and psychotropic substances)

Awardees from Africa and Latin America need vaccination prior to their enter to Thailand.