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March 2022

Posted by Juthatip

List of CGI Reference Databases (Fiscal Year 2022)

CGI Learning Center provides 10 databases which included 8 online databases under cooperation with UniNet(Inter-University Network) and CGI subscribes 2 online databases, with mostly available full-text of journal articles, and users can access a number of printed journals in English and in Thai.
All available e-journals from CGI can be searched from the reference databases of the following list.

Please note “Conditions of Use”

1. ReaxysOCT 2021 – DEC 2022CGI
2. Britannica the EncyclopediaFEB 2022 – MAR 2023CGI
3. ACM Digital LibraryJAN – DEC 2022UniNet
4. IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL)JAN – DEC 2022UniNet
5. SpringerLink – JournalJAN – DEC 2022UniNet
6. American Chemical Society Journal (ACS)JAN – DEC 2022UniNet
7. Emerald Management (EM92)JAN – DEC 2022UniNet
8. Academic Search UltimateJAN – DEC 2022UniNet
9. EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Plus Full TextJAN – DEC 2022UniNet
10. Engineering SourceJAN – DEC 2022UniNet

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