Applied Biological Sciences: Environmental Health


Nowadays, it is known that the environment and health are inseparably interrelated. Environmental pollutants in the environment will affect human health sooner or later. This discipline will provide the foundation for understanding how environment pollutants affect health. Knowledgeable, capable, and technically skilled personnel, that have both a practical and theoretical understanding of environmental health, are needed to undertake research and academic work so that they can apply their knowledge and skill to identify and prevent health and environmental problems. Skill graduates are also needed to identify or synthesize chemical or biological substances to cure or prevent diseases and to use their knowledge and expertise to add value to the natural resources.

The program aims to prepare students for careers in public health, drug discovery and development and related fields that deal with the application of modern biology to practical contemporary problems. The program is research oriented and focuses on method development and more detailed technical issues. Graduates will be trained to be both thinkers and practitioners.