Medical Service

Medical Service

Chulabhorn Graduate Institute (CGI) is under The Chulabhorn Royal Academy of Science which consists of three main organizations; Chulabhorn Research Institute, Chulabhorn Hospital and Chulabhorn Graduate Institute. As a result, all current students of CGI can request for medical service at Chulabhorn Staff Clinique that is located on 2nd floor of Chulabhorn Hospital with minimum rate of charge , especially for all Chulachorn staffs and students. In case of emergency, the Chulabhorn Hospital also provides 24 hrs. service both on weekdays and weekends for any primary emergency cases. The ER section is located on the 1st floor, including well equipped ambulances to transfer patients to nearest hospitals with more facilities.

Chulabhorn Graduate Institute also provides Emergency Phone Number which is 222 that can be dial from any internal phone devices in the CGI building. Moreover, First Aids Boxes are also provided in every floor where staffs operate their work and also all floor with lectures and laboratories room with students.


All Thai students can decide to apply for their own Personnel Accident Insurance which they need to pay its premium by themselves but the Office of Academic Support will accommodate and facilitate them by contacting an insurance company to propose the best deal for all students.

In addition, all international students will be provided Health and Accident Insurance since it’s one of the scholarship conditions. Please contact Department of International Affairs for more details.