CGAB 504 Pathobiology and Analysis of Disease at the Organism Level (2 credits)

Prerequisite : CGET501 Integrated Life Sciences or equivalent

Course Description :

This course covers the study and knowledge from molecular, tissue, organ to organism levels. This course is particularly focused on mechanisms of disease etiology by describing from alterations at molecular level which impact on tissue and organ functions. The course also picks up on pathological analysis of diseases. Array of diseases with various causes and pathological conditions from infectious diseases (bacterial, viral, and parasitic infection) to diseases that arise from genetic alteration and environmental chemical exposures such as cancers will be explicated. Course syllabus will be covered on innate and adaptive immune systems, response and adaptive changes of cells and tissues to insults, mechanisms and pathobiology of diseases. Additional to lecture, selected scientific articles will be discussed, criticized and presented by student in order to equip students with broader fundamental and applicable knowledge. Students will experience experimental design, up-to-date techniques and analytical methods which will prepare them of their own research. Furthermore, case-study based teaching will be provided to better implement from principle knowledge to application methods.