CGAB 609 Research Ethics (2 credits)

Course Description :

This course gives a general overview of Ethics in Research. It covers the responsibilities of researchers to their field of interest, including the importance of keeping oneself up-to-date with the latest literature, and the ability to design research, as well as manage research data, in a way that preserves the integrity of the data, such that the benefits to their field of interest and society as a whole are maximized. It covers the responsibility of researchers to their human and animal subjects, educational institutions and to the public at large, including the importance of respecting the rights, privacy, dignity and sensitivity of research subjects, and the integrity of their own and other research institutions. The importance of care exercised in working with children and other sensitive populations will be emphasized. Intellectual ownership will be covered, as will the ethics behind editing, reviewing and appraisal of research. The importance of researchers, research institutions, and sponsors of research jointly sharing responsibility for the ethical integrity of research, and ensuring that this integrity is not violated will also be covered.