The Chulabhorn Graduate Institute has continually practiced and developed the system of quality assurance. In the earliest stage of practicing, the internal quality assessment implemented the components including indicators of the Commission of Higher Education and the external quality assessment implemented the standards of ONESQA. Since the aforementioned period, the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute has developed indicators which represented the identity of the institute. The institute also improve the quality of education.


  1. Prof. Dr.Vutthichai Thanapongsathorn Consultant
  2. The Director of the Office of Academic Affairs (Associate Professor Dr. Thanuttkhul Mongkolaussavarat)Chairman
  3. The Representative of the Department of Applied Biological Science (Dr.Rojana Sukchawalit) Committee
  4. The Representative of the Department of Chemical Biology (Dr.Montakarn Chittchang) Committee
  5. The Representative of the Department of Environmental Toxicology (Dr.Piyajit Watcharasit) Committee
  6. The Representative of the Office of Administration (Ms.Nussara Thongpon) Committee
  7. The Representative of the Office of Academic Affairs (Ms.Peeranan Booranasophone) Committee
  8. The Representative of the Office of Academic Affairs (Ms.Chonthicha Sukaseam) Committee

CGI's Quality Assurance System

ระบบประกันคุณภาพ สถาบันบัณฑิตศึกษาจุฬาภรณ์

Quality Assurance Mechanism

  1. CGI’s Quality Assurance committee (CGI’s Academic Committee) has a crucially important responsibility and plays a key role in developing system and mechanism which is to regulate, audit, and assess CGI’s Quality Assurance within the policy and principle appointed by the Commission on Higher Education, and preparing the institute for External Quality Assessment assessed by the for National Educational Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization.)
  2. The Division of Academic Support is appointed to conduct and maintain the quality assurance. However,the purpose of the Quality assurance which aims to see the corporation of all divisions, hence CGI has set sub-committee which is responsible for administering the quality assurance. This committee must perform responsibilities in comply with the system and mechanism established by Academic Committee, develop indicators for internal quality assurance and make annual self-assessment report (SAR).